Hi I’m Jo Leach

I’m a creative encourager and teacher, as well as a maker and artist. I live on the South Coast in Devon, having moved here in 2018 from the West Midlands with my husband Sam and twins, Ellie and Isaac.

I make Automata that illustrates Bible Scripture, worships songs, words, pictures and whatever God lays on my heart. I call this work Bible Artomata. I combine Bible Art Journaling techniques with automata to produce intricate pieces where the turning of a handle, the motion and the interaction someone has with the automata, can captivate for a moment. I recommends that my customers use this time to pray, asking God to speak to their heart through the piece.

I grew up on the coast in Suffolk, and spent endless hours on the beach and in the countryside, collecting interesting driftwood and textured objects to treasure. This experience heavily influences my work today as I weave the beauty of found objects, re-used, re-loved and re-valued into my work.  These found items are unique, one-off objects, each with it’s own story – a bit like how God sees us and how we should see each other.

I also teach Bible Art Journaling workshops. Combining the study of scripture with creative techniques. My prayer is that individuals will grow in their relationship with God as they connect with Him through the pages of scripture and develop creative self. Other workshops include Modern Calligraphy and Geli plate printing.

I love doing commissions for individuals, creating the piece as individual as the person.

I also run the Torquay branch of Christian Creative Network and am passionate about championing creativity in the body of Christ.

Combining automata with Bible Art Journaling techniques is the last piece in a twenty- year jigsaw puzzle. Seeing God in this work makes it authentic, worthy, joyous and important. Seeing Jesus in this work brings me JOY!

I try to free my mind and breath God in. He gives me the eyes to see beauty and potential in each thing I find. Each object, whether it’s detritus, junk, wood, rusted metal, or old tins; each has been FOUND, CHOSEN, CHERISHED, and REBORN into something new. Just as we are in Christ.

There is a person out there for each piece of work. No two are identical and many are one off pieces. I pray before I work, while I work and as I approach a deadline! God never fails to help, guide and inspire.


If you are looking for that something special to give a loved one, want to get into Bible Art Journaling or want to book a workshop why not get in touch?


Seeing Jesus in my work brings me JOY!